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A Brief Exchange

A couple nights ago I was in an Uber with my friend and we had the most interesting driver. She told us about how she met her husband and about their incredible life together with their 5 sons (1 set of twins and a set of triplets). She met her husband after she had crashed into a set of shrubs with her bicycle. Her (future) husband happened to be walking nearby and stopped to help her. He attempted to pull her up, but she got scared and punched him in the face. They both ended up going to the hospital, and she later learned that her husband was a doctor and that they had mutual friends. After some time they fell in love, got married and had their five children. Her husband does international medical work, and she does scientific research. They have lived on almost every continent, and move to a new country every couple years or so. At the time that I met her, she was living in Philly for a couple months doing research while her husband was in Thailand. She acknowledged that their lifestyle wasn’t for everyone, but that she enjoyed the challenge of moving to new places and adjusting to new cultures.



Hearing this story made me think about my own aspirations of living abroad, and how I can’t let my fear of the unknown stop me from achieving my dreams. Life just has a way of bringing the most interesting people into our lives, and its is amazing how hearing other people’s stories can make us reflect on our selves. It’s so important to remain open to new people because you never know how you can impact one another, no matter how brief the encounter may be.