Random Thoughts

Lost in a Sea of Books


I’ve always felt a love and connection to books. While reading books my mind gets taken away to another place, and I find myself getting wrapped up in the story. I can visualize the scenes and characters in books almost as clearly as I can see images on a TV screen.


My love for books started very early. Around the age of one I would grab books and “attempt to read”. I was mimicking my mother who was also very fond of reading. As a little girl I loved to play with dolls, but I had a shelf of books that occupied the majority of my time. My parents found themselves buying me so many books that they started to bring me to the library because my shelf was running out of space.


It was my love of libraries and books that also drew me to my dream school NYU. When I was ten years old, I went with my parents and older brother to tour the school. I had visited other colleges before, but I was captivated by NYU’s huge library. After seeing the library, I told my mother that I would go to NYU. She smiled and told me that if I worked hard enough I could go wherever I wanted. This dream stuck with me, and I eventually did go to NYU, and I found myself studying best at that impressive library that enraptured my ten year old mind.

Libraries and books are still a place of comfort for me. As an introvert I enjoy the peace and quiet, and the opportunity to take my mind elsewhere.