Monday Musings

Monday Musings: Abundance…

Social media is a beautiful thing. It allows us to connect with people from all around the world, and share our ideas, feelings and passions with like-minded people. Unfortunately it has also create a FOMO (fear of missing out) culture, and at times pushes people towards materialism and unattainable ideas of perfection.

It can be hard to focus, to feel completely content in this digital age. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have enough, aren’t doing enough, just aren’t ENOUGH when social media is saturated with images of glitz, glam and “perfection”. But the truth is…


Perfection is a lie.

We all have flaws, we all have fears, and worries and things that we want to improve. Behind all of the filters, good lighting and great poses, there’s little bits of imperfection in all of us. It’s fun to create an image, a personality, or even a brand and promote it on social media. But it’s also important to remember that it is our flaws that make us beautiful, interesting and unique. Striving to be perfect is a waste of time. It drains you physically, spiritually, and mentally. Work on embracing your flaws. Get comfortable with yourself. Practice self love.

Realize the abundance that you have in your life. Abundance of love, health, laughter, whatever makes you happy. And if you feel that you are lacking things, just remember that you have the power to change your life. You have the ability to be happy, to feel good. When you realize the power you have, you won’t rely on material things or the words of others to make you happy.


P.S. Paris is totally my happy place, so you’ll probably see several pics from my time there throughout my blog.